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How to Prepare Your Cat for Their First Boarding Stay

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Key Takeaways

  1. Familiarization: Gradually introduce your cat to the carrier and the concept of traveling to reduce stress before the boarding stay.
  2. Health Check: Ensure your cat is up-to-date on vaccinations and is in good health before boarding.
  3. Comfort Items: Bring familiar items like a favorite blanket or toy to make the boarding environment more comforting for your kitty.
  4. Dietary Needs: Inform the boarding facility of any special dietary requirements or medications your cat needs.
  5. Communication: Provide the boarding facility with your contact information and any instructions for your cat’s care.

Whether you’re leaving town for a fun-filled vacation or need to travel to a different city for a work trip, you should be making preplanned arrangements for your companion before departure. When it comes to cats, most people think they can be left alone for a few days as long as they have ample food and water. The truth is, they need daily care as well.

While a cat doesn’t need to be walked or taken outside for bathroom breaks, they do need to have fresh food and water, as well as daily litter box cleanings to ensure their health and wellness is maintained. So throughout this post, we are going to discuss the benefits of cat boarding and how you can prepare your feline for a successful stay with us.

Step 1: Do Your Research

The first step to an amazing cat or kitten boarding experience is doing your research to find the best option for your kitten’s overnight stay. Firstly, if you know about the trip ahead of time, it’s important to make a reservation as soon as possible to ensure spots don’t fill up at your preferred boarding center.

Secondly, when booking your kitten’s stay, you should ask about vaccination policies. It is standard that the boarding center will require proof of vaccination, so you’ll want to be prepared with any documentation prior to their stay. Additionally, prepare an emergency plan for the rare chance that something happens to your cat during boarding.

Lastly, make sure to ask questions, read online reviews, and consult with friends and neighbors about their experiences. Make a list of questions and concerns before booking to get all the answers and information you can before finalizing the reservation.

Step 2: Prepare Your Kitten for Their Boarding Vacation

After finding the purr-fect place to board your kitten or cat, you’ll want to start planning how to make them the most comfortable during their stay. Taking your pet outside of your home can be nerve-racking for your feline, since they may not regularly be exposed to outside cats, people, smells, and environments.

Cats and kittens live a cozy life of habit that includes their favorite windows to lay in front of, favorite places to nap, scheduled feedings, and preferred toys, blankets, and beds. That’s why preparing is so important to make everything for both you and your cat go as smoothly as possible.

Below are four crucial tips for making the kitten boarding experience the best it can be.

Make a Pet-Packing List

Before your visit, make sure to create a pet-packing list so that you remember to take along all the items needed to put your furry feline at ease. This list should include:

  • Comfort blankets, toys, and beds – it’s a good idea not to wash them so your cat will recognize the familiar scent of being at home
  • Medications that your cat or kitten requires, along with a detailed list of when to administer them and how many are required
  • Any special food your pet needs

Request a Trial Visit

Asking for a trial visit is especially important if you’re boarding your kitten for the first time. Your cat will be put in an environment that is completely new to them, so it’s vital to take the extra time to help familiarize them with the workers, cage setup, smells, and sounds they may experience.

Communicate with the Boarder

Communication is key to a fantastic kitten boarding experience. All cats and kittens have different needs and comforts, so you’ll want to provide the boarding facility with all the information they’ll need to do their job and keep your kitten happy.

For example, many kittens experience anxiety while being away from home, so provide the staff with some tips and techniques that they can use to help calm down your kitty. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and provide information yourself, as nobody knows your pet better than you do.

Call to Check In

When you have extra time, give the boarding facility a call while your pet is boarding to check in and see how they are doing. Your kitten doesn’t know that you’re checking up, but it’s definitely a great way to lessen the stress for yourself. This also allows you to provide reminders to the facility for any special requests.

Kittens can also recognize the voices of the ones they love most, so if you talk loud enough, they might even be able to hear you calling!

Step 3: Ask Follow-Up Questions

Going to pick up your pet from the boarding facility is the best feeling. It’s possible, however, that your kitten might be experiencing some stress and loneliness in your absence, so sending someone familiar to pick them up is extremely important.

Often, owners are so excited to pick up their kittens that they simply walk in, get their cat, and then walk out. While it’s easy to let the excitement take over, you’ll want to make sure to ask follow-up questions regarding your kitten’s boarding experience, so you know how your pet did and what to prepare for next time.

What Questions Should You Ask?

  • Were there any issues regarding my cat’s medical care?
  • Is there anything I should know/change for the next visit?
  • Were there any odd behaviors you saw in my pet?

FAQs on Cat Boarding

We understand that boarding your cat can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve collected and answered some of the most common cat and kitten boarding questions so you can be fully prepared for your pet’s extended stay. Of course, if you don’t see your question, please reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to assist!

Why is cat boarding recommended?

Whether a trip is for your job or a family vacation, we know how stressful it can be trying to figure out arrangements for your cat. That is why we recommend boarding your cat when you go away to ensure that your pet is properly attended to each day you’re gone, allowing you to have peace of mind while on vacation. Plus, when you board your cat with us, we keep a constant line of communication should anything arise.

What are the benefits of boarding my cat?

The main benefit of boarding your cat with us is that we have a properly trained staff that can provide exceptional care to your kitty. Our team is able to monitor your cat’s health not only on a daily basis but throughout their stay with us, as their comfort and happiness are among our top priorities.

We also provide the very best accommodations for your cat, which includes everything from premium cat food to plenty of attention and love throughout the day. This is all to make them feel right at home when you’re away.

Additionally, here are some other paw-esome benefits you and your cat will receive when you board with us:

  • Our facility includes oversized accommodations, so your pet has plenty of space to stretch out and relax
  • Cat suites include heating and air conditioning, as well as quality bedding that is cleaned daily to ensure your feline is comfortable
  • Our passionate staff is dedicated to providing your furry friend with plenty of love, attention, and playtime throughout their stay!

Additionally, our facilities are open 7 days a week and include incredibly flexible hours. For more information regarding the operating hours at your local Pet Palace, check out our locations page!

How should I prepare my cat for their boarding stay?

If you’re planning on boarding your cat with us while you’re away, we recommend and require a few things before their stay, including the following:

  • Rabies vaccine (required)
  • FCRVP (required)
  • Any medications they are taking and/or medical history paperwork
  • Favorite food (recommended, but not necessary)
  • Favorite toys or blankets (recommended, but not necessary)
  • Information on eating patterns or preferences
  • Information about how your cat interacts with other cats
  • Information about what makes your kitty happy or upset

What happens if my cat requires medical attention?

In the unfortunate event that your pet becomes ill while boarding with us, we’ll take them to your family veterinarian. That’s because we believe nobody knows your pet better than your own vet.

Can I check on my cat while I’m away?

Yes, we have webcams available for specific suites. That way, you can check on your cat periodically to get a little extra peace of mind!

What are the rooms like?

Our cat townhomes and royal cat suites have heating and air conditioning to ensure that your pet feels right at home. Townhomes and suites are also equipped with quality bedding, spacious accommodations, and available extras to increase pets’ comfort. These rooms are also cleaned and maintained daily by our staff.

What training does your boarding staff have?

Our staff at Pet Palace includes a team of highly trained professionals and veterinary technicians. Along with our team members’ training, they’re also passionate about each animal, treating them like their own.

What other services do you provide?

We offer a vast array of services designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. These include accommodating all of your pet boarding, daycare, and grooming needs.

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