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The Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

Adopting an Older Dog

When you go to adopt a dog, there are many factors to consider, such as their breed, age, size, and character. Regardless of age, though, all dogs deserve plenty of love and attention. So why not adopt an older dog that has qualities like a tame demeanor and a loyal personality?

6 Key Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

Whether you’re a puppy owner or a future puppy parent, there’s a good chance you know that they can be a handful. That’s why one of the benefits of adopting an older dog is that they require a bit less maintenance since you won’t have to worry about factors such as potty training, crate training, and more.

Beyond simple upkeep, other advantages of adopting an older dog include:

  • Mature behavior – When compared to puppies, older dogs often have a calmer demeanor and less energy. That’s because they’ve already been trained or have outgrown the hyperactive puppy behavior that younger dogs typically exhibit.
  • Predictable size – Most puppies go through some serious growth spurts throughout their lives, and sometimes end up larger than predicted. One of the benefits of adopting an older dog is that they’re usually fully grown, so you don’t need to worry about buying additional supplies, such as a bigger bed, after bringing them home.
  • Well-trained – Older dogs have typically gone through basic obedience training, are familiar with walking on a leash, and have learned key commands by the time they’re adults. This alleviates the stress of having to train your furry friend yourself.
  • Good for seniors – Since senior dogs do not require as much exercise or playtime as younger dogs, they’re more independent and don’t need constant supervision like a puppy would. With this in mind, older dogs are great for dog owners of any age, but especially for seniors who have a more easygoing lifestyle.

One of the most important aspects of adopting an older dog is that you can save a life! Regardless of a dog’s age, they all need companionship. So not only will you gain a friend, but you’ll feel joy in knowing that you’re giving a dog a better life outside of the animal shelter.

FAQs About Adopting an Older Dog

If you’re thinking about adopting an older dog but have a few questions, we’re here to answer them! Below are some FAQs that we have received and wanted to highlight.

Do older dogs need less exercise?

Older dogs, in general, will have lower energy than puppies and young dogs. However, their exercise requirements will vary based on their breed, health, and individual preferences. Ultimately, it’s always beneficial to add regular exercise into your dog’s routine to keep them healthy, but it’s just as important to make sure they receive enough playtime without overdoing it!

How will I know a senior dog’s history and behavior before adopting them?

When you adopt, shelters and rescue organizations will provide as much information as they can about the dog’s history, behavior, and health. Before deciding to adopt, you’re also encouraged to spend time with the dog to learn more about their personality!

Do older, adopted dogs bond with their owners?

A common misconception we see is that people think adopting an older dog means the dog will be more distant since they’re more independent. However, this is not the case. In fact, older dogs form strong bonds with their new parent and tend to be very loyal to them since the owner is responsible for bringing the dog into a better living environment.

How can I help a senior dog adjust to their new home?

Adopting an older dog means putting them into a space that is unfamiliar to them. To make their adjustment easier, we suggest establishing a routine, providing a comfortable and quiet space for them, and showing them lots of love. Patience and consistency are key to helping the senior dog successfully adapt to a new space!

Will I need to pay a fee when adopting an older dog?

There may be fees associated with adopting an older dog, and these charges will vary based on the organization. Though this is the case, many shelters and rescue groups usually have lower costs for older dogs, and certain organizations may waive adoption fees or offer special discounts for those interested in adopting a senior dog.

After Adopting an Older Dog, Bring Them to Pet Palace for Dog Grooming and More!

No matter the age of your dog, you can always bring them to Pet Palace for day care and boarding. Whether you’re going away on an extended trip or need someone who will take care of your dog while you’re running errands for the day, our staff will treat your dog like royalty.

At our facility, your furry friend will get lots of individual attention and access to an outdoor play area, enjoy spacious, comfortable pet villas, and be protected by our 24/7 Pet Safe program.

In addition to day care and boarding, our facility also offers premium grooming services with different packages available that can either be added to your boarding and day care or purchased à la carte. We provide everything from basic trims to full grooming and add-ons like toenail polishing and teeth brushing. With endless offerings for your senior dog, we hope to see your furry friend in one of our locations sometime soon!

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Adopting an older dog may come with new responsibilities, but the companionship is always worth it. And when it’s time to board your senior pet or treat them to a little pampering, know that Pet Palace is the perfect destination.

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