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The Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

Easiest dog breeds to train

Dog training can truly benefit all pups, but there are some more obedient dog breeds that are easier to train than others. No matter the breed, though, we at Pet Palace are ready to give your pup the care, attention, and instruction they need to become better behaved and well adjusted.

Pet Palace’s training programs are created for all skill levels of obedience training and all breeds, with the programs’ goal being to bridge the gap of communication between you and your pup using various training methods. Some advantages to our Columbus, Ohio training services include:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased confidence
  • Boosted sociability
  • Strengthened bond between dog and owner
  • Greater independence

Through our tried-and-true training programs, we help you give your dog the healthiest and safest life possible. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the easiest dogs to train for your education.

1. Border Collies: Famed for Being One of the Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

Known for being herders at heart, border collies are energetic, intelligent dogs that make for obedient pets – with the right training of course. This medium-sized, athletic breed can be time consuming to instruct, but with effort and consistency, trainers and owners generally find them to be easy dogs to train.

Border collies are high-energy dogs that need consistent mental stimulation; however, they are also affectionate family pets that are typically good with other dogs and young children. This breed is also said to be adaptable, playful and protective in nature. All of these factors make them well suited for obedience training.

Easiest dog breeds to train

2. German Shepherds: One of the Most Obedient Dog Breeds

When you think of obedient dog breeds, German shepherds typically come to mind. Known for producing worker dogs, the German shepherd breed is among the easiest dog breeds to train. Given their high-level trainability, you will often find these dogs working as police dogs, search-and rescue dogs, service dogs and more. Plus, the dogs are large and agile as well as confident and loyal, making them great protectors.

Contrary to popular belief, German shepherds are actually quite affectionate family members, good around other dogs, and high energy. Like border collies, German shepherds require daily mental stimulation and activity, and their “eager to please” personality makes them very easy dogs to train.

Easiest dog breeds to train

3. Labrador Retrievers: Lovable and Trainable

The Labrador retriever is historically one the most lovable breeds as well as being one of the easiest dog breeds to train. With their outgoing and friendly nature, dogs of this breed make for obedient and beloved family-friendly pets.

As labs are extremely trainable dogs, they are often used as service animals, search-and-rescue dogs and more. And while the lab is an easygoing breed, they are also high energy and need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Activities such as swimming, fetch, and training can help keep labs physically and mentally fit, so getting them involved in a training regimen is a great idea!

Easiest dog breeds to train

4. Golden Retrievers

As one of America’s most popular dog breeds, golden retrievers also stand out as an easy dog breed to train. The affectionate yet obedient nature of goldens make them great worker dogs, similar to labs and shepherds. They also make ideal family pets as they are typically good with children and other dogs.

Goldens require lots of exercise and rarely like to lounge, and given their working nature, this breed requires thorough training, such as that found in the programs offered at Pet Palace in Columbus.

Easiest dog breeds to train

5. Papillons

The alert, friendly, and happy nature of the papillion makes them an easy dog breed to train. The papillon is considered a toy dog with hardy athleticism and a strong constitution, which allows them to thrive in a variety of environments. Plus, they are known as great family pets that are gentle with young children.

The papillon breed is one of the easiest dog breeds to train, but these pups need consistency, dedication, and ample socialization with other dogs.

Easiest dog breeds to train

Have a Difficult or Easy Dog Breed to Train? Pet Palace Is the Place for You!

While the collie, shepherd, lab, golden, and papillon are historically easy and obedient dog breeds to train, all dogs, regardless of age or breed, can benefit from Pet Palace training programs based in Columbus, Ohio.

Our training services include:

  • The Polite Puppy Program – This is our ten-day training course available to puppies eight months and younger. The program is designed to teach your dog basic obedience skills as well as socialize them in a daycare setting.
  • The 10-Day Basic Adult Program – This option also spans ten days and is available to pups eight months and older. As training can take longer for adult dogs, for the best results your dog will spend time each day working one on one with their trainer.
  • The 20-Day Advanced Adult Program – This is our longest training course, spanning four weeks. The program is available to dogs over eight months and is designed to give your pup the most consistent, customizable training.

We offer a variety of training methods as part of our specially curated training programs. Some of the methods we use include:

  • Clicker training – This method involves the use of a small device that emits quiet clicking sounds. The click signals to your pup that they have performed the desired behavior, which is usually followed by a reward.
  • Positive reinforcement training – This popular and recommended training method involves rewarding your dog with praise, treats or other positive reinforcement when they perform desired behavior.
  • Marker training – This option uses a verbal marker or phrase to signify that your dog has done something correctly.
  • Model-rival training – This approach is used for puppy training programs where a trainer uses another dog or person as a model to show the desired behavior.

It is best to enroll your dog in training early as puppy training programs can establish good behavior early on. However, dogs of any age can benefit from training – old dogs can learn new tricks!

Enrolling your pup in a Pet Palace training program will increase the bond between you and your dog, keep them safe, and help them become more sociable with other dogs and people. It also aids the boarding process, should you need to leave your furry friend for a bit.

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