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Your Guide on How to Bathe a Dog

how to bathe a dog

At Pet Palace, your dog’s happiness and health is our top priority. So when it’s time to give your furry friend a much-needed bath, we want to ensure that you know the ins and outs of how to bathe your dog so they can be fresh and squeaky clean!

Learn more about the steps on bathing your dog from our informational guide today!

1. Set Up Your Dog Washing Station

Where you decide to bathe your dog is completely up to you, but whether you bathe them in the tub, the shower, or your backyard, you’ll need the following supplies before starting:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towels
  • Bucket of water, if outside
  • Brush

Once you have all the items you need for bathing your dog, it’s time to get to work!

2. Dilute Your Shampoo

Diluting your dog shampoo is a great way to effectively spread the product on your pet. Since shampoo is usually thick and concentrated, it can be harder to spread if not watered down, so be sure to combine it with water in a bucket to create a sudsy mixture for your furry friend’s coat!

3. Wash Your Dog!

For the most seamless results, here’s how to bathe a dog quickly and efficiently:

  • Shampoo their coat twice – The first time you shampoo your dog, you are attacking any built-up dirt and grime on their coat. Then, during the second wash, you should be lathering your dog’s skin to pull out any of the dirt that may have been left over from the first wash. This should leave your dog’s coat fresh and clean!
  • Condition their coat – Once thoroughly shampooed, leave the conditioner in your dog’s fur for a few minutes. This will help detangle your dog’s fur (especially if they have longer hair), as well as further moisturize their coat and skin. From there, you can move on to rinsing.
  • Rinse fully – Using warm water, fully rinse your dog to remove any shampoo and conditioner remaining on the fur. Then you’re all set!

4. Dry Off Your Furry Friend

Just like setting up your dog washing station, the way you dry your pet is completely up to you! These are some of the ways that we would recommend you dry your furry friend:

  • Towel dry your pet and run a brush through their coat to get rid of excess fur
  • Blow dry your dog with a pet dryer, or even a regular hair dryer on medium heat
  • Let your dog air dry and brush them every 10 minutes to avoid possible matting

Other FAQs on Bathing a Dog

What are the best shampoos and conditioners for my dog?

The best shampoos and conditioners are going to depend on the needs of your pet. Due to external factors, such as allergies, sensitive skin, and more, we recommend doing some research on pet shampoos and conditioners, as well as consulting with your vet about your dog’s needs before deciding on the right products.

Additionally, if you are looking for at-home dog grooming supplies for bathing a dog, we recommend using Chewy to find affordable yet effective products!

How do I go about bathing a dog that hates water?

Though some breeds are known to love the water, others may despise even the sound of running water. With that in mind, we highly encourage making the experience for your dog as enjoyable as possible. This can include rewarding your furry friend with numerous treats and pets both during the bath as well as after the process is complete!

How do I wash my dog when they have fleas and ticks?

Fleas and ticks, if not properly addressed and taken care of, can be harmful to your furry friend. With that in mind, here are our thoughts on preparing for flea and tick season, as well as washing a pet that has been affected by fleas and ticks.

How do I wash my dog when they have been sprayed by a skunk?

If you need to bathe a dog after they’ve been sprayed by a skunk, here is our complete guide to removing the skunk odor before it spreads to your home!

Do you offer dog bathing services?

Yes! For those wanting to ditch the stress and hassle of learning how to bathe a dog at home, we offer pet grooming services at all of our Pet Palace locations!

Whether your furry friend needs a show cut or just a simple bath, our team of professional groomers is here to make it an enjoyable experience for you and them. We also offer additional grooming services, such as basic trims, toenail polishes, teeth brushing, and more!

If you’re interested, schedule a grooming appointment with us today!

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