5 Fun Outdoor Dog Activities for You and Your Pet

5 Fun Outdoor Dog Activities for You and Your Pet

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With warm weather upon us, we know that you and your dog are itching to get outdoors! Fortunately, if your pooch packed on some pounds over the winter, there are lots of fun things you can do to get some exercise while enjoying the sunshine. Below we list some of our favorite outdoor dog activities:

Play Frisbee

Pick up a flying disc that is appropriately sized for your dog and visit a large open field. While some training may be in order (look online for training tips), most dogs find this an enjoyable activity. It gives them the opportunity to run and chase, two of their favorite things to do.

Keep Your Dog Cool

Got a water hose? Turn it on and point it in different directions around your yard. Lots of dogs enjoy chasing the water stream. And if you have a sprinkler, even better—your dog can race around the propelling water until it tires out. Save this activity for a hot day!

Go for a Swim

Along those same lines, most dogs enjoy playing in the water. So why not take your furry friend for a swim? It’s great exercise, easy on older dog’s joints, and it works a lot of different muscles. Not all canines are good swimmers so make sure to watch your dog carefully when you take him or her for a splash in the pool.

Make a Play Date

After being cooped up in the house throughout the winter, your dog probably hasn’t had much opportunity to play with others. Schedule a play date with a friend who also has a dog. Or, for extra fun, take your dog to the dog park so he can choose his own canine companion.

Create a Treasure Hunt

Cook up a delectable treat for your dog like a chicken breast. Cut it into smaller pieces and allow your dog to sample a bite. Then, hide the rest of the treat throughout your backyard while your dog remains inside. To make it easier, you can let him sneak a peek through a window. When you’re done, let him outside to sniff out the savory snack!

Getting outside with your dog not only gives Fido the opportunity to play, but it also strengthens the quality of your bond. So, visit a park, a pool, or just head to your backyard and enjoy these activities with your pooch!

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