5 Tips for Caring For Cats in the Summer Heat

5 Cool Summer Treats For Your Cat

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Summer days mean beaches, barbecues, and lots of outdoor fun. But unfortunately, it also means that there’ll be some days that are so hot that you find yourself longing for cooler weather. Like you, your cat also enjoys feeling comfortable when the weather becomes oppressive. So, to keep your cat cool, we’ve got some ideas that will help your cat chill out:


Do you love chomping on a slice of watermelon in the summertime? Well, guess what? Your cat does too. Many cats enjoy eating watermelon—or any type of melon, actually—when the weather starts to heat it up. So when your cat seems particularly aggrieved over the heat, try giving him or her some seedless melon. Just make sure not to overdo it—this sugary treat should be provided in moderation.

Ice Cubes

What says fun more than a new toy? Enter the ice cube, a sophisticated toy that your cat is sure to love. And at the cost of free, this is one of the cheapest and easiest ways that you can keep your pet cool and active. Simply put a couple of ice cubes on the floor and allow your cat to bat away at them. To make it even more enjoyable, try putting dry cat food in the center so as the ice melts, your cat gets closer and closer to procuring a tasty treat.

Frozen Peas

This is a food that not only is enjoyable to eat, but as with ice, it’s also enjoyable to play with. Simply put some frozen peas on the floor and let your cat have fun with them. As with the melons, don’t go overboard. Peas should be kept to small amounts.

Cool Towel

Design a “chill” area in the house for your cat to cool off. Just wet a towel, place it in the freezer, and once it gets cool, put it on the floor in a location that your cat might want to lay down (avoid carpeted areas). If the towel is too cold at first, no worries—it’ll grow warmer in time. Don’t force your cat to use the towel but show it to him or her and let them choose whether they want to use it.

Shady Retreat

If you have an outdoor cat, consider making a shady “home” of sorts for your pet. In a well-shaded spot, place a comfortable bed. Make sure that when you create the spot for your royal highness, that you have a bowl of fresh water on hand. Your feline will think this outdoor haven is the cat’s meow!

There are many ways that you can keep your cat cool over the summertime. Just grab some chilled food, a few ice cubes to play with, and set up a cozy outdoor home. You’ll find that your cat will love chilling out in regal style. Or, if you’re headed away on a summer vacation, let us keep your cat cool with a stay-cation while you’re away!

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