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8 Landscaping Ideas for a Dog-Friendly Backyard

dog-friendly backyard ideas

As you start preparing for summer landscaping, now’s the time to consider incorporating some features into your backyard that your dog will go woof over. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to construct a dog-friendly backyard. Check out our tips below!

Dog-Friendly Backyard Ideas: Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from our article on landscaping ideas for a dog-friendly backyard:

  • Use toxin-free plants
  • Create paths
  • Offer shade
  • Build a bone yard
  • Provide water
  • Designate a “go” spot
  • Include space for running
  • Construct fencing and security

Use Toxin-Free Plants

Unfortunately, some very common flowers – geraniums, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, and carnations – are toxic to dogs. For safety, select plants that are nontoxic and safe for pets. A complete list can be found on the ASPCA’s website.

Create Paths

If your dog has already managed to create his or her own pathway through your backyard, incorporate it into the landscaping. Cover the path with small cedar chips, which will protect the pads of their feet while making the path more attractive. You could also create a 3-foot-wide path along one of the fences to create a dog run, and you can even hide it with a screen if you want. Most dogs love having their own designated area to run in.

Offer Shade

Make sure to have a shady spot in the backyard for your dog to hang out in. Plant a tree or use a shade cloth so your pet doesn’t have to tough it out in direct sunlight.

Build a Bone Yard

One common complaint of dog owners is their pet digging. Fortunately, Pet Palace has a fun way to counteract this problem. Designate an area as a dog-friendly backyard digging pit, fill it with sand and soft mulch, and keep it stocked with treats and bones – your dog will be drawn by the smell. Don’t forget to keep a rake nearby for easy restocking.

Provide Water

A great feature for a dog-friendly backyard is a small pond, spring, or fountain. Dogs love having the opportunity to cool off while splashing around.

Designate a “Go” Spot

Create a spot in the backyard where you would like your dog to relieve themselves. If you have a male dog, you can add a marking post so your dog can mark his territory. Train your dog to use this spot.

Include Space for Running

Ensuring your backyard has space for running, fetching, and playing is essential. Dogs can use this space to get the zoomies out of their system and get their daily needed exercise.

Add Fencing and Security

To keep your dog safe in your backyard, building fencing is an easy way to ensure that your dog won’t escape. You can also invest in electric collars if you can’t put a fence in your yard.

FAQs About Dog-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

What are some examples of toxic-free plants?

Examples of toxic-free plants that are safe to grow in your dog-friendly backyard include:

  • Camellia
  • Dill
  • Fuchsias
  • Magnolia Bushes
  • Sunflowers
  • Rosemary
  • Nasturtium
  • Snapdragons
  • Fennel

What kind of maintenance is needed for a dog-friendly backyard?

To keep your backyard safe and clean for your pup, consistent maintenance is important. Here are a few key things to take care of in your backyard so your furry companion can make the most of it:

  • Clean up waste regularly
  • Ensure fences are properly secured
  • Pick up sticks, or any other hazard that your dog shouldn’t eat
  • Refill water features
  • Replace sand and mulch when needed
  • Keep plants healthy

How can I keep my backyard dog-friendly in the winter?

During the winter, it’s still important to ensure your yard is dog friendly. We recommend checking your yard to ensure nothing hazardous is buried under the snow, such as hidden sticks, pet waste, or debris.

If it’s very snowy, it’s a good idea to clear an area for potty time. This will keep your dog more comfortable than they would be climbing through the snow. You can also clear a path for your dog if they enjoy playing outside in the cold temperatures.

Learn More About Dog-Friendly Backyards with Pet Palace

While many people believe that having both an attractive backyard and a dog is impossible, we’re happy to report that isn’t the case at all. You just need to keep your dog in mind when designing your landscaping. Follow Pet Palace’s tips and not only will your backyard look great, but Fido will be doggone delighted to chill out in the yard this summer.

You can also contact us at any time to ask our team of professionals any questions.

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