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The Best Local Pet Stores in Charlotte, NC

best local pet stores

Are you looking for the best locally owned pet store in the Charlotte area? There are several contenders to choose from; however, there’s no need to trudge from pet store to pet store with Fido in town.

We’ve identified some of our favorite Charlotte pet stores below. Keep reading to learn about the best places in town to acquire pet food, toys, preventative care items, and more!

Canine Café Charlotte

Canine Café Charlotte is located at 125 Remount Road in Charlotte’s South End neighborhood. We love this adorable little shop, in part, for its intriguing history. In 1995, founder Barbara started baking food for dogs when her own dog, TJ, developed an allergy to commercial dog treats.

This gave Barbara a bark-worthy idea! She opened a pet treat bakery in Pineville, NC in 1997, so she could help other pet lovers feed their dogs all-natural, hypo-allergenic, healthy food. Since then, the bakery has changed names and even locations, but that’s only because Canine Café  became so popular with local residents that it required more space!

Today, Canine Café Charlotte is much more than an on-site pet bakery. The store also offers grooming tools, travel gear, mats, beds, bowls, CBD supplements, and a wide assortment of healthy pet food including grain-free kibble varieties, as well as wheat, corn, and soy-free dry dog foods.

Pet Wants – The Urban Feed Store

A charming retail shop, Pet Wants is located at 2324 B Distribution Street in Charlotte. Inside you’ll find a diverse array of pet treats, bones, apparel, leashes, shampoo, food, toys, CBD oil, salves, and ointment.

As awesome as all those products are, the real standout here is the pet food. Pet Wants slow cooks pet food once a month in small batches, so pets get fresh food, rather than food that’s been sitting on shelves for months.

Plus, Pet Wants’ food contains all-natural ingredients, meaning there’s no sugar, fillers, or animal by-products. Because the store opts to use only the best quality salmon, chicken, lamb and brown rice, your pet benefits, enjoying some of the most nutritious food around!

Last Place on Earth Pet Shop

Located in Charlotte at 5655 N. Tryon St., Last Place on Earth is a family-owned pet store that’s been in business for over 35 years. With the pet store’s diverse and comprehensive range of supplies, you’ll find something for everyone at Last Place on Earth!

In particular, the pet store specializes in puppies, freshwater fish, birds, small animals, reptiles, and live feeder rodents. Plus, whether you need help getting a fish tank set up correctly or you just want to pick up a new dog food, Last Place on Earth has knowledgeable staff on hand who will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Let’s Not Forget Pet Palace!

Sure, we’re not actually a pet store. We do, however, provide just about any service you could ever want for your pets, including professional grooming, doggy day care, and boarding services for dogs and cats. There are many benefits to boarding your pet and booking couldn’t be any simpler! To make a reservation for your pet, just click here.  

Curious about the full range of services we offer? We welcome you to visit our Charlotte-area Pet Palace location page here. Located in South Charlotte? We have a local Pet Palace there as well.  

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