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How to Exercise Your Dog in the Winter

exercising your dog in the winterWinter weather can be downright uncomfortable, not just for you, but for your dog as well! However, even when it’s cold outside, your dog still needs his exercise. So, read on to learn how you can give Rover a workout while protecting him from snow and freezing temperatures.

 How Can I Protect My Dog During the Winter?

How to Exercise Your Dog in the Winter

 During the winter, we recommend that you keep your dog safe outdoors by:

  • Bundling Up – Not all dogs will tolerate a sweater and booties, but if your dog will, this is a great way to keep him toasty warm while braving the elements.
  • Protecting Paws – Got a stubborn, bootie-rejecting canine on your hands? After taking him outdoors, don’t forget to clean your pup’s paws off with warm water once you’re back inside to remove salt or ice-melting chemicals.
  • Monitoring Behavior – Different dogs can tolerate different temperatures. Generally speaking, the dogs that struggle the most outdoors are usually very young or very old, have short or thin coats, and are smaller breed dogs.

The best way to tell if your dog can handle the cold is to keep a close eye on him outside. If he begins to whine, shiver, slow down, seek out warmth, or hold up one paw at a time, call it quits and head indoors.

 How Can I Exercise My Dog in the Winter?

 To exercise your dog in the winter, we recommend any of the following activities: 

  • Walking – You can still walk your dog in the winter, just make your walks shorter while making sure you monitor your dog for any signs of discomfort.
  • Play Tug-of-War – You don’t need to take your dog outdoors to get him active this winter. Instead, grab a rope and get a game of tug-of-war going. Your favorite furry friend will love competing to see who’s stronger.
  • Use a Treadmill – Got a treadmill collecting dust at home? Don’t let it go to waste when Fido can easily put it to good use! Just make sure to keep the treadmill at a comfortable pace for your dog and supervise any treadmill time.
  • Schedule a Play Date – Does Spot have a BFF? If so, why not schedule a date with your dog’s bestie so he has someone to run around with? Doing so will give your dog the opportunity to frolic and have fun, while giving you the chance to catch up with one of your favorite pet parents. Talk about win-win!
  • Doggie Day Care – Your dog doesn’t want to be cooped up all winter long! Fortunately, he doesn’t have to be. With doggie day care, he can catch up on his exercise while making new canine friends. And bonus, he’ll be spoiled rotten by our dog-loving staff once he arrives.

 How Can I Make a Doggie Day Care Reservation?

It’s easy to reserve your spot for doggie day care. If you’re located near our Wilkinson Boulevard location in Charlotte, click here.  For our other six locations throughout Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina, you can make your doggie day care reservation here.

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