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The Best Indoor, Dog-Friendly Businesses in Indianapolis

indoor dog-friendly businesses in Indianapolis

Do you enjoy bringing your furry friend with you wherever you go but struggle to find a comfortable place indoors during the cold winter months? With the brisk air quickly approaching and dog parks soon to be snow covered, it might be difficult to get your dog out and about, but there are definitely options this winter.

Since we’re an Indianapolis pet boarding facility, we thought we’d compile some of our favorite indoor dog-friendly businesses in Indianapolis that you can check out these next few months.

6 Indoor Dog-Friendly Spots to Visit in Indianapolis This Winter

1. Café Patachou

Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Café Patachou is a great place to stop for a quick bite to eat because they have all-day breakfast and lunch. With four different locations in Indianapolis, you’ve got plenty of options to try this neighborhood favorite that is also an indoor-dog friendly business. Locations include:

  • 4901 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46205
  • 8697 River Crossing Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46240
  • 225 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • 1060 N. Capital Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204

If you’re in a hurry on your morning walk with your pup, know that the café has carryout options as well. Grab one of their artisan teas, a flavored coffee of the day, or a hot macchiato. Feel like making it a longer stay? Try a prosecco or mimosa, all while spending the afternoon with your beloved furry friend.

2. Pins Mechanical Co.

Ready to knock down some pins with friends and grab a drink while in the company of your pet?

Located on Carrollton Avenue, Pins Mechanical Co. hosts duckpin bowling, pinball and more. This spot allows leashed dogs inside on both levels, making it the perfect day out for you and your pup. Pick up your friends and your dogs, and enjoy a day with fun-filled activities!

3. Metazoa Brewing Co.

Date night anyone? If you want to enjoy a nice brew accompanied by your furry friend, then Metazoa Brewing Co. is the ideal spot to visit. In the center of downtown Indianapolis, this craft brewery welcomes dogs inside their 21+ taproom. Be sure to leash your dog and make sure your pet plays well with other animals, though, since they frequently have other four-legged friends joining in on the fun as well.

To give you even more of a reason to visit this local brewery, know that they donate 5% of their profits to animal and wildlife organizations. So you can hang with your pup while giving back to the planet and other animals. Any questions about bringing your pet inside the taproom? Visit their frequently asked questions tab on the website.

4. Three Dog Bakery

What’s better than a bakery for dogs? Three Dog Bakery has a location right in downtown Indianapolis, making it an extremely convenient indoor, dog-friendly business for pets and owners alike. With treats made from simple and healthy ingredients, this bakery will be a guaranteed win for your four-legged friend. Options include:

  • Seasonal treats
  • Meaty treats
  • Bakery items
  • Grain-free treats
  • Oven-baked beg-als
  • Oven-baked biscuits
  • Premium cookies
  • Kitty treats

Three Dog Bakery has been open since 1989, being the world’s first bakery for dogs that features treats baked on-site by actual pastry chefs. Treat your pet to a wholesome, healthy, and trusted experience.

5. City Dogs Grocery

Can’t get enough of spoiling your pet? If so, you don’t want to miss a trip to City Dogs Grocery. Located on Virginia Ave., this indoor, dog-friendly grocery store’s focus is your pet’s health and wellness.

As a bonus, this store has a giving back program where you can donate a percentage of your total bill to the nonprofit of your choice. Pick out some new treats and toys for your furry friend, all while making a difference in your community!

6. 16-Bit Bar+Arcade

If you’re divided between a fun night out with friends and a night in with your pup, 16-Bit Bar+Arcade is the place to be! With over 50 classic arcade games from years past, this indoor dog-friendly business in Indianapolis is the best of both worlds. Stay up to date on their daily specials to decide which night is best to sip and play with your canine friend.

No Time to Visit These Indoor Dog-Friendly Businesses? Contact Us for Pet Boarding Instead!

We highly recommend stopping by one of the Indianapolis indoor dog-friendly businesses from our list. But if you find that your dog enjoys the socialization and one-on-one attention, and you can’t seem to fit it into your schedule this winter, let Pet Palace take over through our many services.

Our staff would love to treat your dog to a daytime getaway or pet boarding stay. Book your reservation online or contact your local Pet Palace right here in Indianapolis, Indiana. We look forward to hearing from you!

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