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Tips and Tricks to Get Your Dog to Go Potty in the Snow and Cold Weather

getting your dog to go potty in the snow

Is your dog reluctant to go to the bathroom outside when it’s cold or if there’s snow on the ground? During the winter season, one of the most common struggles that pet owners face is getting their dogs acclimated to these weather conditions, so you’re not alone.

And while not all dogs dislike frigid temperatures, pet owners should be sure to take proper measures for the ones who do. To make this winter season easier for both you and your canine companion, we’ve provided some tips and tricks for how to successfully get your dog to go potty in the snow and cold weather.

1. Invest in Dog Booties

Just like humans, dogs experience sensitivity to colder temperatures. Investing in a pair of dog booties to protect their paws from the freezing ground can make a world of difference!

This will encourage them to be more willing to venture out into the snow for potty breaks and can also keep their paws from freezing.

2. Clear a Potty Path

Would you have your family or friends over without shoveling a clear walkway for them? Your dog needs the same treatment!

Before taking your dog out to go to the bathroom, make sure to shovel a clear path in your yard. The hesitation of stepping into the deep snow may be the reason behind their reluctance to venture outside. Providing a well-cleared area will encourage them to do their business without the discomfort.

3. Establish a Routine

Training your dog is beneficial for both you and your pet, and taking them out at the same time every day helps establish a set schedule for potty breaks that they will begin to recognize.

This will let them adjust to the winter weather and learn a consistent potty routine.

4. Choose Warmer Times in the Day

Try to schedule walks or potty breaks during the warmest parts of the day. Late morning or early afternoon may be more comfortable for both you and your dog.

5. Designate an Indoor Potty Area

Is the weather just too unbearable for both you and your dog? You can have potty breaks inside occasionally by using pee pads or another designated indoor space.

Sometimes the cold weather is just too harsh for humans and canine companions, so an indoor bathroom break may be the way to go!

6. Use Positive Reinforcement

Try to praise your dog when they go potty outside in the cold weather. Positive reinforcement can work wonders in encouraging desired behavior.

Treats, verbal praise, or a quick playtime session can motivate your pup to brave the cold for their bathroom breaks.

7. Dress Your Dog Appropriately

Clothes and jackets don’t have to be just for humans! If your dog is sensitive to the cold, consider getting them a sweater or a jacket to keep them warm during bathroom breaks. It’ll make them comfier and more likely to want to venture outside!

8. Be Patient

Keep in mind that every dog is different, and it may take some trial and error to find the best approaches to getting your dog to go potty in the snow and cold weather. Always stay patient with your dog as they adjust to the colder temperatures, especially if this is their first time experiencing it! Getting your dog used to the cold now will create good habits for the winter seasons in years ahead.

Also, if you have concerns about your dog’s behavior or health in colder temperatures, it’s always a good idea to consult with your local veterinarian.

How to Keep Your Dog Active This Winter

Playtime is so important for your furry friend since dogs need exercise every day, no matter the season! Dogs who don’t like cold weather or the snow may be missing out on essential playtime and exercise that normally comes from outdoor walks or running around outside in the backyard.

Here are just a few indications that your dog isn’t getting enough activity or playtime this winter:

  • Weight gain
  • House destruction
  • Excessive vocalness
  • Stiffness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Nipping and biting
  • Restlessness
  • Chewing
  • Whimpering

Let Pet Palace Help!

Consider our doggy day care program at Pet Palace to keep your dog healthy and happy this winter. During your pup’s stay, they will receive playtime, socialization with other dogs, exercise, and personal attention. We also offer dog boarding and grooming at all our locations too!

Some additional benefits of our doggy dare care program include:

  • Individual villas with heating
  • Quality bedding materials for nap times
  • Adherence to feeding patterns and preferences
  • Medication and health monitoring if necessary

Reach Out to Our Team

Contact us today to book your dog’s stay. We look forward to helping you and your pup this winter season!

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