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Should I Give a Pet as a Gift this Christmas?

gifting a pet at christmas

With the holidays here, many people consider giving pets as presents. But is that really a smart idea? Before you decide on giving a pet as a gift, read on to learn what the experts think about the topic.

Is It a Good Idea to Give a Pet as a Gift?

We’ll be honest—there are plenty of reasons that a pet at Christmas time is a bad idea. While we’re not saying you should never give a pet as a gift, we will say that if you do, you should consider the idea very carefully first.

To help you do that, let’s examine some of the reasons experts say you shouldn’t give pets as gifts:

  • The Holidays Are Hectic. There’s so much going on at this time of year that for most people, it’s really not a great time to bond and care for a new dog or cat. Instead, it probably makes sense to wait until the gift recipient has plenty of free time to spend with their new furry friend.
  • Brrrr….Along those same lines, it’s cold outside! If you give someone a puppy in the winter, they’ll be spending lots and lots of time taking the dog outdoors until it’s housebroken. For that reason, spring is a much better time of year for new pet ownership.
  • Pets Shouldn’t Be Surprises. A pet is a lot of responsibility. Rather than springing that responsibility on someone unexpectedly, it’s far better to know they want a pet and are prepared to handle the responsibilities that ownership entails.

What Should I Consider If I Do Decide to Give a Pet as a Gift?

If you do opt to give a pet as a gift, the ASPCA offers up the following guidelines:

  • Only give a pet to someone who has expressed an interest in one and is responsible enough to care for it
  • Obtain the pet from a reputable source—a friend or family member, animal shelter, rescue organization, or a responsible breeder
  • If the gift recipient is under the age of 12, the parents should be willing and able to assume responsibility for the pet
  • Make sure the gift recipient has the type of lifestyle where they can raise and care for a new pet

We also suggest that instead of offering up a pet on Christmas day, you give a stuffed animal instead and allow the recipient to pick out their pet on a less hectic day. Not only will this allow the pet to join the household on a calmer day, but it also means the pet recipient can choose their pet—increasing the likelihood the bond will be a lifelong one.

If you do decide give a pet as a present, please encourage the gift recipient to keep Pet Palace in mind! Many pet owners find that our well-staffed Doggie Day Care is the perfect solution for those days people can’t be home to play with their pets. We’re also pleased to offer dog and cat boarding services.

Whatever gift you choose – pet or otherwise – we at Pet Palace wish you a happy holiday season!

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